Streaming Access Options

We have two options available.

June 2023 Performances includes all four recorded shows from the 2022-2023 season performed at both Gladstone and Michael J. Fox Theatres.

The All Access option includes all of the above and also includes the last three seasons of performances as well.

June 2023 Performances
Best if you already have access or just want the newest performances.
All 4 Performances 2023 - when available.
2019-2023 All Access
Best if you have not purchased streaming access in the past.
All 4 Performances 2019
All 3 Performances 2021
All 4 Performances 2022
All 4 Performances 2023 - when available.
HD Streaming Lifetime Access Program Access
Video is streamed through Vimeo to give you high quality HD Streaming access with full screen capability and controls. Pay only once and continue to enjoy access for years to come. You’ll have access as long as Dance Express Inc. is in business. We’ve been around for 44 years. You also have access to the original program PDF’s so you can easily find your child’s performance.